The Brass Tax Coffeeshop


Coffeeshop with architecture inspired by circular church plans.
UE4, Maya 2016, Photoshop, zBrush, Substance Designer, Substance Painter.
Responsible for all aspects.


Art Direction

The mood/atmosphere of this scene influenced creation of all assets. I was trying to combine the elegant design of the architecture with the warm mood of a coffeeshop. This meant using a lot of warm colors as well as warm-colored metals such as bronze to give a regal feel. I wanted the scene to lean towards being clean and well kept and all of the shapes and structures translating the regal atmosphere while the color palette and materials translated the warmth.

Architecture/Modular Kit Design

The architecture was influenced by decagonal church plans and baptisteries with special attention paid to floor plans and measurements. I wanted the cyclic, dome structure of a baptistry/circular church plan to be the basis of architecture for the environment.

Prop Breakdown

Most major props went through a process of base model in Maya, high poly sculpted in zBrush, and normals baked in Maya. A detail attribute of the props (such as the chair and chandelier) is the ornamental floral decal trim sheet/skirt – this is broken down in the materials section further below.



The materials were made with the mood & atmosphere in mind. Many of the assets in the scene used some variation of the base wood and marble. The floral decal trim skirt which was made with an alpha in photoshop and brought into zBrush to sculpt details was made to give all assets ornament when needed. The majority of materials were created procedurally in Substance Designer.

The floral decal was made with the intention of having ornamentation without losing efficiency or having repetitive texture maps. To this extent, I had a Photoshop Alpha to zBrush Sculpt workflow to bake down a decal which I could use everywhere in my scene without having to create individual unique texture maps for all assets with ornament.


Mahreen Fatima The Brass Tax Coffeeshop