Pub Brawl

Currently in beta being created by a core team of 10 people,  Pub Brawl is a stylized fighting game where players can drink and brawl with their friends across time and space.

My Role


I worked as an environment artist on this team and brought the art director’s vision to life by closely matching the concept art, creating architectural hero assets, UVing, and creating textures. I also helped develop the dynamic of the level, shape language of the props, and the style guides for our environments – generally assisting where necessary.


I was responsible for modeling the bar hero asset for the the above level (Valhalla). I did the initial rough low poly model and was the cleanup/finishing artist on the high poly sculpt.

Pub Brawl Valhalla Bar Breakdown

I was responsible for modeling and texturing the exterior Valhalla Level Select Façade. Based off of the handpainted base textures created by other environment artists on the team, I created custom Substance materials in Substance Designer so artists could quickly texture assets based off of the base materials if they chose to use Substance.

I was responsible for modeling the initial low poly roughs for some of the props based off of concept art. I upheld the stylized modeling shape language set by the concept art and the art director.

The Lucha Bar

In the Lucha Bar, I was responsible for the full development of more assets – modeling, UVing, and texturing props based on concept art from the art director. Each prop went through a series of checks and critiques before moving to the next phase in the pipeline to uphold the overall style and modeling languages. I created procedural materials in Substance Designer of the base textures for wood and stone (which were created by other artists) to make the texturing pipeline faster and more efficient for any artists using Substance as their texturing tool. The following is a breakdown of just a few of the assets I was responsible for.

Mahreen Fatima Pub Brawl